Camilla Läckberg


Camilla Läckberg holds a Bachelor’s degree in business and economy, but changed career and became Europe’s queen of crime fiction or the Swedish noir. Camilla debuted 2003 with her crime novel The Ice Princess in her Fjällbacka series which has run over 10 years. She also has other book series such as Fayes revenge and her new crime fiction trilogy the Box-series. 2020 she created her first TV-series Lyckoviken.


Her books have been distributed in over 60 countries and sold over 29 million copies. She is the seventh most read author in Europe and has many fans in Spain, France, Denmark, Norway, Poland, The UK, Argentina, Mexico and The US to name a few. Over the years she has also written and published numerous children’s and cookbooks.

Alexander Karim


Alexander Karim is an actor who has been involved in over 60 productions in film and TV. All from indie films under the golden age of the Dogma era to lead roles in Hollywood productions such as Tyrant, Double play and Dying of the light where he played against Nicolas Cage among others.


Home in Sweden he has made noticeable roles both on theatre and film, such as the titel-role in Stockholm City Theatre’s very successful production of Shakespeare in love, Vanheden in Jönssonligan – The perfect heist and the title-role in the success series The Lawyer, for which he was nominated best male actor under the Swedish film award Kristallen. And a lot more.

Baker Karim


Baker Karim was called The Punk of Film when he debuted with Four Women year 2001. Since then he has challenged the film industry in Sweden, refusing to go mainstream. With movies giving the finger at the establishment he constantly searches for new approaches to movie making in his own way.


Baker Karim’s movies has been nominated in Cannes, the Nordic Council Film Prize, Guldbaggen and a great number of other foreign festivals and prizes. His TV series The Family Babajou was nominated to Kristallen.

Helene Hillerström Miksche


Helene Hillerström Miksche has worked with film and television for almost 30 years. She started her career at Sweden’s largest private broadcaster TV4 as an in-house lawyer and Head of Legal.


The next half of her career she has worked as an attorney with very influential media and tech companies and celebrities, both Swedish and international. Before joining Bad Flamingo as the CEO and co-owner, she worked with the company’s production of Glacier.

About us

Bad Flamingo Studios is a creative and innovative production company based in Stockholm, which produce stories that reaches over the whole world. As founders with three different backgrounds, we possess diverse competencies. When we meet, creative chemistry arises, and new ideas grows forth which we want to share in an inventive way.

We have a permanent interest for film. Therefore we created Bad Flamingo Studios, because we ourselves want to create and produce movies with full control over the production and unite people through our stories. We want to show the path forward through highlighting other kinds of movies than those who dominate the market today and invite other creators to our visionary world. And together work towards breaking the film industry’s norms and barriers.