The Founders

The author Camilla Läckberg, the actor Alexander Karim and the director Baker Karim have worked in several projects together. In 2019 they founded the production company Bad Flamingo Studios with a vision of challenging the industry through their unique, innovative way of creating movies. In February 2022 Helene Hillerström Miksche joined the company as CEO and co-owner.


”We love telling stories to bring people together – and to do it in a fair way, with lots of love. That is what unite us as Bad Flamingo.” – Camilla Läckberg


”I think that Bad Flamingo will make a difference. It can be an action comedy where the main character happens to be black or the police commissioner is a woman. The team on our first movie Glacier is a good representation of what we want to do. It doesn’t need to be a pointer, but we want to show it’s possible to change the industry.” – Alexander Karim


”The idea with Bad Flamingo is to let the creators reclaim power from the ”system”. We want to control what we create and our production ourselves. Going forward we want to be able to offer other creators the same power. The film industry is in a standstill, but with strategic thinking and new digital solutions we, the creators, can build new roads.” – Baker Karim

Behind the Scenes


Photo: Wasim Harwill